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A n n a l e e  P o u l s e n 

N o r t h  O r e m, U T 8 4 0 9 7  



2019-Present Full-time Art and Design student, Utah Valley

                     University, Orem, UT 

1982-84         Full-time student, Brigham Young University,

                     Provo, UT 

2019              Studied with David Dean 

1978              Studied with Solomon Aranda


Related Work Experience

2017              Sales associate (traveling gallery), Altus Fine Art,

                    American Fork, UT 


2021             Essais literary journal, Utah Valley University,

                   Orem, UT 

2020            Touchstone literary and art magazine, Utah Valley

                   University, Orem, UT 

2020            Warp and Weave Literary and Art Journal, Utah

                   Valley University, Orem, UT 


1978            First place in National Art Reflections Contest 

2020           Second place in Warp and Weave Literary and Art journal


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